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Vijaykumar S L - Assistant Manager, Hi-Tech Practice Team
Shweta Kumawat - Research Analyst, Hi-Tech Practice Team
Kiran Nandavarapu - Senior Manager – Hi-Tech Practice Team

Blueocean Market Intelligence selected 12 of the top players representing e-commerce and developed a market study to understand how patents are changing the dynamics of the e-commerce industry, with respect to the competition, acceptance and evolution of the technologies within.

This study paper gives readers comprehensive insights on patents within the industry and other nuances such as the process filing, and costs involved for the same critical aspects of patents portfolio management and prospective usage of patents. The study also laid the foundation to further understand how some companies are stepping forward into the future with their innovations and technologies through patents - ultimately changing the dynamics of the industry.

Just some of the key take-aways that you will find in this study paper:
  • Of the six service categories included in this study, offer management had the maximum number of patents granted, followed by payments and order management services.
  • Since the last decade, e-commerce surged ahead to be an important industry with global impact and there has been a considerable rise in the number technology patents.
  • With the advent of Internet of Things, more devices are entering the e-commerce space, with participation ranging from payment transactions to order management.
More on the methodology and approach used:
  • Period of study from January 2006 to July 2014
  • Completed using secondary/desk research, including publicly available information (reports published by patent registration offices, news portals and blogs), and syndicated sources.
  • Studied 12 top e-commerce players representing the industry across e-commerce solution providers, online marketplaces, app stores, group buying websites, payment handlers and processors.
  • Also represented six categorical service clusters to better understand the impact of patents, order management, billing and payment management, offer management, seller and knowledge management services - representing end-to-end functionalities within the e-commerce industry

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